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Finance your solar panels with third-party investment

With third-party investment, a company can now install photovoltaic panels on its roof without spending a single euro, and make significant savings on its electricity bills. How is this possible?

Over the past decade, the price of photovoltaic panels has fallen considerably. However, for a company, investing in solar energy can still represent a substantial sum, sometimes amounting to tens of thousands of euros.

If you don't currently have the necessary cash, or if you prefer to keep your financial resources for your core business, Soltis offers the ideal solution: third-party investment.

We ourselves work with Skysun! (a Belgian company specializing in third-party investment, which has just set up in France).

What is third-party solar investment?

Third-party solar investment is an all-inclusive package for your photovoltaic panels. Just imagine: you don't have to manage anything, and above all, you don't pay anything! Soltis takes care of the investment required for the purchase, installation, insurance, monitoring and maintenance of your solar panels. You're freed from the administration of green certificate applications and the legal aspects. We take care of everything for you.

As a bonus, you increase your independence from the power grid, your electricity bill drops considerably, and you protect yourself from energy price fluctuations! Depending on the region, a feasibility study is carried out for roofs of 500 m2 or more. Opt for third-party solar investment and free your business from financial constraints while embracing a sustainable energy solution.

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Third-party investment too good to be true?

The legitimacy of the question is understandable. Nevertheless, the third-party investment remains a serious option. There's no denying that a form of compensation exists for the third-party investor. In return for financing your photovoltaic system, Soltis retains ownership for 10 years (the duration of the contract), while benefiting from the income from the green certificates you sell.

However, at the end of this 10-year period, for the symbolic sum of1 euro, your company acquires full ownership of its solar panels. Since the lifespan of an installation is 25 years or more, you'll benefit from a significant advantage for more than 15 years, because the electricity produced will cost you almost nothing.

Why does third-party solar investment exist?

Third-party solar investment exists to overcome the financial hurdles companies may face when considering the adoption of solar energy. Here are a few key reasons:

  1. Reducing initial costs: The cost of purchasing and installing solar panels can represent a significant financial burden for a company. Third-party investment enables a company to benefit from the advantages of solar panels without incurring these initial costs.
  2. Preserving cash: By opting for third-party investment, a company can conserve cash for other operational needs or strategic investments, rather than allocating it to costly solar installations.
  3. Facilitating the adoption of solar energy: Third-party investment facilitates the adoption of solar energy by removing financial barriers, enabling more businesses to participate in the transition to more sustainable energy sources.
  4. Environmental benefits: By encouraging the adoption of solar energy, third-party investment helps to reduce companies' carbon footprint, thereby promoting more environmentally sustainable business practices.
  5. Long-term profitability: Although the third-party investor retains ownership for a defined period, the company benefits from the transition to full ownership of the solar plant after a certain period of time, generating long-term savings on energy costs.

And why does France encourage this practice?

Many European countries, including France, encourage third-party solar investment for several reasons:

  1. Environmental objectives
  2. Stimulating the economy
  3. Reducing energy dependency
  4. Alignment with energy transition policies
  5. Tax and regulatory incentives
  6. Meeting national targets (COP23, etc.)

Third-party investment for LED lighting?

Third-party investment is no longer confined to photovoltaic panels. Soltis now also offers a highly innovative contract to finance LED relamping for businesses.

Solar panels and LED lighting are an opportunity for businesses to take a big step towards a more carbon-neutral world, while making big savings at the same time. Why not make the most of it?

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