Solar shading systems are the ideal way to take advantage of the sun's energy while optimizing the use of your company's outdoor space.

Carport or Solar Shade, what's the difference?

Solar shade :

A solar shade is a free-standing structure designed specifically for the production of solar energy. Unlike a solar carport, a solar shade is not primarily designed to shelter vehicles, although it can also provide shade. The main purpose of a solar shade is to maximize solar electricity production by optimally exposing the photovoltaic panels to sunlight.

Solar carport :

A solar carport is a structure that combines a vehicle shelter (such as a covered parking area) with solar panels installed on its roof. The main purpose of a solar carport is to provide weather protection for vehicles while generating solar electricity from the sun's energy.

What to choose?

The choice between the terms "Solar carport" and "Solar shade" depends on your specific objectives. In practice, these two terms are often used interchangeably to designate a structure usually installed in company or warehouse parking lots.

These structures are used for covered parking, solar power generation, and are often equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. In short, the use of terms may vary depending on the context, but the fundamental aim remains to combine several advantages, including green energy production and easy recharging of electric vehicles.

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  • Solutions for large companies, SMEs, the public and non-profit sectors, and farms
  • A 10-year guarantee for the waterproofing of your roof in connection with the installation of solar panels
  • Proven expertise in selecting the most appropriate technical solutions
  • Complete management of administrative formalities
  • Proposal of a third-party investment model that avoids the use of your own financial resources
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Your benefits

Weather protection

In addition to generating energy, solar shading systems provide weather protection for your vehicles, equipment or outdoor spaces, extending their lifespan.


Maintenance and production monitoring handled by our company

Your electric car's companion

The solar carport/shade is an excellent ally for a charging station.


Solar shading systems maximize the profitability of your parking lot or other uncovered area.


Improving your company's ecological footprint and image

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