Soltis France is your partner in energy efficiency. For businesses, we offer sustainable, cost-effective solutions, including the installation of solar panels. Produce your own green energy, reduce your energy dependency, and minimize the impact of energy price fluctuations due to conditions outside France.

The profitability of your installation depends on two main sources of income:

- Savings on your electricity bill.
- Resale of excess electricity fed back into the grid.

oltis France is your partner for a personalized analysis of your needs, offering turnkey solutions perfectly adapted to your business.

Your benefits

  1. 01Get a fast return on your investment.
  2. 04.actively contribute to the energy transition.
  3. 02.improve your image.
  4. on your electricity bill.
  5. 03.enjoy the longevity and reliability of your system
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  • Carport Sunshade
  • Solar Monitoring Application
  • Third-party investment
  • Electric charging.stations
  • PEB & Solar Panels

    In the same way as other sources of renewable energy production, installing solar panels has a direct positive impact on your home's PEB (Performance Energétique des Bâtiments) score.

    1. Will my house increase in value? Yes, most certainly. Photovoltaic systems have a lifespan of around 25 years, which means considerable savings for you and future buyers of your property.
    2. Another aspect to consider is that the EPB certificate is playing an increasingly crucial role in the decision to buy a property. The photovoltaic installation has a direct impact on the house's EPB rating, which should therefore increase its value.
  • What is self-consumption?
    Self-consumption is the amount of electricity generated by your solar panels that you use directly.  
    • A self-consumption rate of 0% means that you don't use the electricity generated by your solar panels at all. All surplus electricity is fed into the grid
    • A self-consumption rate of 100% means that you use all the electricity generated by your solar panels.
    High self-consumption reduces your dependence on grid electricity, increasing the value of the electricity you produce. The average purchase cost of a kWh is around 23 cents, while the average selling price is around 5 cents. So consuming your electricity rather than feeding it back into the grid can earn you up to 4 times more! A recent article has been written on this subject for a better understanding:  
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Keep control of your installation at all times with your mobile monitoring application called : Fusion Solar App

  • Track your production in real time and calculate your annual yield
  • Get a global view of your production over the entire life of your plant
  • Receive alerts! Check the status of your UPS and detect if a problem exists

Your inverter is more than just an electronic component, it's the brain of your installation. It pilots your photovoltaic panels in real time to produce maximum energy at all times. Thanks to your mobile app (delivered with your system), you can keep track of your system's production at all times.

We choose the best supports for your industrial roof

> Support Sud-Nord technical brochure available here <
> East-West Support technical brochure available here <


Your system is designed for long life. It is essential to monitor various parameters to maintain optimum production at all times. By opting for this solution, you maximize your gains while protecting your investment.

During our regular visits, we carry out a complete visual inspection of your installation. We also check several key points to anticipate and correct any anomalies. You'll receive a detailed report on our work, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is in top condition.

List of points inspected :

A. Visual inspection of the solar system and visible wiring for possible problems, such as open connections, damaged cables, burnt or overheated areas, loose cable connectors, and other anomalies.

B. Inspecting the strength of mounting systems and detecting any possible damage

C. Voltage measurement for each group of modules.

D. Check connections in the decoupling cabinet for tightness.

E. Maintenance of inverter ventilation filters.

F. Inverter maintenance in accordance with manufacturer's instructions

G. Examination of fuses and surge arresters...

H. Inspection of support structure...

I. Check that solar panels are clean.

J. Remove leaves and other debris from the roof to prevent standing water build-up

10 reasons to choose Soltis France

  • Over 15 years' experience in the field
  • A track record of over 8,000 completed projects with just as many satisfied customers
  • A unique partner in energy efficiency, covering photovoltaics, insulation, LED lighting and electrical bollards
  • A French company on a human scale, offering personalized support from A to Z
  • Experts at your disposal for a customized, no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your needs
  • Solutions for large companies, SMEs, the public and non-profit sectors, and farms
  • A 10-year guarantee for the waterproofing of your roof in connection with the installation of solar panels
  • Proven expertise in selecting the most appropriate technical solutions
  • Complete management of administrative formalities
  • Proposal of a third-party investment model that avoids the use of your own financial resources

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